A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.

Coco Chanel said : A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.

Since when I have started to study wine I do not wear perfume.
Perfume interfere with wine's scents.
And when I go out, I always taste wines.

The perfume of the perfume brand is popular recently.
In these days I often hear the name of the London's perfume brand, JO MALONE.


The price was more affordable than in Japan, I wanted to buy JO MALONE's perfume when I was in London. 
The store in heathrow airport was TAX Free, 
But I had transit, so I could not purchase the bottle larger than 100ml.
There were tremendous kind of perfumes so I could not choose easily. The products and store are classy and elegant.
I want to make my home's wash room like the store.

My scent is blackberry & bay.
Fresh and little bit sweet scent.
I want to be a woman who has future so I will wear the JO MALONE perfume every day except a day attending wine party.

Bond №9 Roger & Gallet

Fashion bland perfumes (like CHLOE,CHANEL,GUCCI and so on) are attractive, But I am fascinated by perfume blands like Bond №9 in New york and Roger & Gallet in Paris.

I want to go the store and find my scent.



I am wavering in between buying white bag or buying black bag.

White bag is classy and perfect for summer.
But I am messy person so I should get it dirty.

Classy white bags

 Black bag is very versatile and perfect for all season.

Cool black bags

Black bag goes well with cool coordinate. 
And not get dirty easily. 
 I think white bag goes well with classy casual but does not match dresses.
Black bags are better for dress up style.

I tend to gravitate towards combi colored bag. It goes well with casual style and add some points to the style, but sometimes it doesn't fit some outfit.

left:DIMONI center:Milly right:MODALU

DIMONI is spanish bag bland.
It is made with raffia so good for summer.

Milly's dress are sweet but this bag is cool.  It can tighten sweet style.
Problem is it is little bit heavy.

MODALU is LONDON's bland.
Milly and MODALU are alike so I worried when I buy it.
But MODALU is shoulder bag so it is very useful and it is lighter than Milly.

Which combi bag do you like?
And do you recommend white bag or black bag?

Thank you for reading and have a great monday!


My car and my dream car.

Gas price rises day by day.

My car is gas guzzler. So maintenance fee is exceptional.
Japanese cars are popular because of good fuel consumption.
But, I like elegant European car.
I was thinking of buying a previous version Jaguar XJR.

Jaguar XJR

Since Jaguar changed its styling, I wanted to own the distinctive elegant car before disappear from the market. 

But my husband chose Mercedes.
The size  is as same as Jaguar, but Mercedes is too popular in Japan.
We do not like things too popular.

But, he seemed to like the engine in the car.
The car was equipped with AMG V8 engine.


Frankly speaking, I like luxury car, but I am not interested in powerful engine.
The big engine should be cause of bad mileage.

The suspension equipped  to realize comfortable ride broke down and we paid a lot of repair fee.
The larger the engine, the higher tax we have to pay.

But  now, I feel like the car is our bad son.

And I like the elegant beige seats.

Maserati Ghibli

My husband dreams of buying Maserati.
His dream is my dream.
And I am not appreciate sports car so when porsche's panamera had released,  I craved it very much.
But when  I saw the original, I changed my mind.
I thought that tail design was too big and not elegant.
So I changed my mind and now, My dream car is Maserati.

What is your dream car? 
Thank you for reading! Have a nice weekend!


Aromatherapy:Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers from MUJI

Hi, Happy tuesday!  Today, I would like to share about my recently concern.


 I bought  to  Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers from MUJI to
 make my house filled with scents .

 Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers from MUJI

I tried many products to cover the bad smell.
My kitchen is contiguous with the living room so smell of foods remain after dinner time in the living room.
Of course it can not remove all of them, but the scent is not cloying.

Aroma oil of a lavender and the sweet orange were set with the diffuser. I liked them very much but I bought Eucalyptus and lemon oils.

Eucalyptus and lemon

I went to MUJI to purchase new essential oil.
You can use other maker's essential oil for MUJI's diffuser, but I think MUJI's oils are reasonable.
I was very happy to find limited oil set of Eucalyptus and Lemon because I could get two oils for one oil's price.

I bought them because I heard that Eucalyptus scent is insect repellent and cockroach hates scent of lemon and lavender.
I mix these oils. 
I do not know the effect yet.
I hope that I will not come across bugs in this summer.


Valentino beach sandale

Post about shoes again! 

My husband bought me Valentino's beach sandals.
usually don't  spend much money on a beach sandals.
Frankly speaking,  it was discounted 80%!

My husband also like shoes so when we find luxury shoes were discounted, he encourage me to buy it.
I think some of men do not have understanding of  luxury goods.

Since this sandal is very chic, I want to pair it with black swimwear.

pic from wendy's lookbook

I am craving for the right black swimwear from  ZIMMERMANN.

Not only pairing with swimwear, the sandals goes well with relaxing outfit.

Even though I am high heel lover, I also love flat shoes' relaxing mood.
But when I wear flats, I wish my legs were more slim and long :)


Kobe night view

Night strolling

Few days before, I went to night stroll by bicycle with my husband.
Here is typical Kobe night view.
Streetlight and tranquil waters of a sea was very beautiful.

                                    My town, Kobe

Kobe is a mid-sized city surrounded by sea and mountains.
Old western style buildings are remained and there are many fine restaurant and good boutique in this city.

view from a mountain

I moved to Kobe about three years ago.
I got used to this town right away and am enjoying everyday.


Bucket lists for summer 2014

I love summer.
Even if I have no plan to vacation trip,  when summer has come, I am excited so much.
I was born in summer and I'm keeping many dear summer memories in my heart .

But...It is raining today in Kobe.
In Japan, rainy season have not finished yet. Every year, rainy season ends around 20th of July.
I would like to share you my bucket lists after rainy season.

Bucket lists for summer 2014

Go public pool near my house at least once a week.
To be slender, I need to take more exercise, swimming is best exercise during summer.

Do short-term temporary work.
I want to earn tuition for learning in UK.

Write blog in English everyday.
I have  not many opportunity writing in English.
So as to elevate my writing skill I write this blog.

Buy a perfect mourning dress in a sale.
Necessary, but I want to get it on budget.

Go beer garden.
It is one of summer features in Japan.

Decorate our bed room.
I bought new shelf but decoration is unfinished.

Learn how to put on YUKATA(cotton summer kimono)
I have Youtube teach me that.
Since I have left a yukata in my parents' house so I should go for it.

Thank you for reading! have a wonderful summer!

How to wear YUKATA


MY Newest Yves Saint Laurent shoes

Yves Saint Laurent
My Newest shoes

Last weekend , I wore this adorable YSL shoes for the first time since I bought it. 
Because of my height (I am short....) I love high heels.
These are newest my shoes.
Since I found it at outlet, I could get it for affordable price.
Even though these are tallest shoes which I have, It is stable and comfortable. 
I had  never wore platform shoes before, because some of them didn't look elegant.
But when I saw some elegant platform, (for example, Christian louboutin) I had started to crave that. 

How I Became shoes lover?

I purchased my first shoes of Sergio rossi at “Themall” ; outlet mall near Firenze. Those shoes fit my foot.
 Since then I have adored Italian shoes.
Now, I own 4 Sergio rossi’s shoes.
Last time I visited to The Mall I have got Fendi’s selleria bag for affordable price.
I am looking forward to back to there again!


Since we went on Sunday, The Mall was crowded with local Italians.

I highly recommend you to go weekdays.

Wine party at Il quadrifoglio


Wine is part of my life.
I am qualified as a sommelier.
And one more thing, my husband imports wines from abroad.
I have many opportunity to taste sample wines thanks of my husband’s job.

Before I got married I worked for department store as a sales staff of wine.

Wine party at Il quadrifoglio

Sometimes I participate in wine party with wine school's classmates.
We bring a bottle of wine each.
At many restaurant in Japan, bringing own wine is not permitted.
So we need to be friend with restaurant chef or owner.

Last wine party was held at Il quadrifoglio.
Great dishes cooked by the chef went well with our wines.


The appetizer was perfect for summer and champagne!
This is soup of the fruit tomato and mousse of mascarpone.
Tomato’s sourness went well with champagne.


Conger is Japanese typical summer dish. 
It was arranged for as an Italian dish.
It has light taste but texture is interesting.
Special cutting movement of a kitchen knife is needed when you cook conger.

Maybe I cannot take summer vacation trip in this summer.
But I can feel seasons from dishes and wines.
It is pleasure living in a country which has four seasons.

Thank you so much for reading!



Hi! everyone!
I would like to write about myself.
I am a Japanese woman who passionate about fashion, interior, travel, foreign language and wine.
I was born in Kyoto, and I am based in Kobe now.
I moved to Kobe when I got married.  I was so excited to move to Kobe because Kobe is known as fashionable city.
I am a home maker at the moment.

Since I have a lot of free time, I am dedicating to learn English by blogs written in English.

This photo was shot in Greece.
When I was a high school student, I put a postcard printed Greece photo on the wall in front of my desk.
I was watching the postcard everyday.
When I was writing postcard in Santorini island, I thought that my dream came true.
I want to realize many dreams in the future too.

Thank you for reading! I'm looking forward to see you again!